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The player's physical quality is very important Albert Pujols Jersey, it is not only the reasons for talent Mike Trout Jersey, as well as the extent of the efforts of the day after tomorrow. From the talent up, James this physical quality explosion, in the whole career no big injury players, career will naturally be very long. From the efforts of the day after tomorrow, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's body flexibility is unparalleled, but also often practice yoga to strengthen the physical flexibility, as the Evergreen in the Union naturally in reason. Another, for example, Dirk Nowitzki, Dirk Nowitzki not only pay great attention to the protection of the body, but also the use of a variety of new therapies to stimulate muscle activity, which has become Dirk Nowitzki next year battles for a year emboldened. Boer Jengis dissatisfied with the team, but that does not mean that he wants to leave New York. Recently interviewed, when a reporter asked Boer Jenisi, next season, he will still be in the Knicks when the effectiveness of Boer Jenisi responded Jefry Marte Jersey, "Of course, I love New York, I love New York. Said that now the Knicks do not know why Boer Jenis did not participate in the team's season summary, and for this matter, Boer Jence now do not want to respond, "Now is not any comment, I Do not want to say anything. ?If you play a game bad, opponents and journalists after a variety of questions, the best way to fight back what? The next game so that they shut up Matt Shoemaker Jersey, this is Russell - Westbrook's approach. In today's Thunder 111-115 lost to the Rockets game, Wei Shao scored 51 points and 13 assists and 10 rebounds, becoming the first person in the playoff history, beat the opposite of James - Harden, but lost to his teammates.
In yesterday's game, the Yankees Soriano has just played two home runs 6 points RBI performance, single field 6 RBI has become his personal career record. Did not think that the face of the angel's ace pitcher Weaver, Soriano only 1 day to refresh the record. The first half of the second half, full of people, the two out, Soriano will be blasted a cannon, the team made a 4-0 lead. But this is not the beginning of the nightmare of the Buddha, the second game in the second half, in Kano and Glenderson, respectively, hit a play with the hits will be enlarged to 6: 0 after the strike area is Sauri Jarno. This time he still did not let Wei and Fu better, hit a left field direction of the two points RBI second run, but also tied the day before the single 6 points RBI record Bobby Doerr Jersey. To know the game was only played 2 Board only Luis Tiant Jersey, Yankees leader is already 8: 0. However, with the current psychological counseling and medical technology better, more players have been able to find after the concussion in the back, including the Yankees Kuroda tree in the Dodge effect has also been hit in the head, in a few months After the break, he also re-starting, and cast a good result. The second half of the first half, sailors first rely on Ibnangzi's spring gun made 1: 0 lead Hanley Ramirez Jersey. But after that, Cobb quickly stabilized, did not let opponents continue to score. After stabilizing the position, the light began to fight back, to come forward is the genius hitman Myers Marco Hernandez Jersey.
On the same day Dominik Uher Jersey, the Portland Trail Blazers lost to Los Angeles Lakers at home 114-121, the Blazers star Clyde - Drexler scored 19 of 19 shots in 44 minutes, scored 43 points and 11 rebounds and 7 assists and 5 times steals the comprehensive data. On the same day, Utah Jazz away 89-91 lost to the Dallas Mavericks, jazz star John - Stockton in 42 minutes 14 shots 5, sent 19 points and 20 assists and 8 steals "quasi-triple." Mavericks Titans Roy Tarpley scored 14 of 21 shots in 35 minutes, scoring 33 points and 17 rebounds. "One of the hardest things is the end of the series, we have not yet done this, you do not want the opponent to regain the momentum, you do not want to risk the risk of injury to the player series, you do not want to You do not try to play the game, and go to an extra fight, you obviously do not want to do so, you never know a wake up from the flu is what state David Perron Jersey, so you absolutely no reason to compromise. In the 1980s, Stern was racing with NBA videotapes Larry Murphy Jersey, and now the NBA's annual television broadcast costs were $ 2 Ron Francis Jersey.6 billion, and fans were not only able to watch the game on television, but they could also Race purpose, this, Stern also believes that the fans of the game habits in the next few years will be greater changes.
House missed the night rain, during the preseason, it is the team running lineup, to adapt to the new system, Beverly happens to be injured Adam Clendening Jersey, so last year's Chinese game, you did not see Beverly's shadow The Before the start of the regular season Mike Richter Jersey, Beverly accepted the surgery of the left knee arthroscopy, before the start of the season he has been in rest. Some people say that a lot of things only when you lose, you know the treasure, Beverly is the case. The first 11 games of the season, the Rockets made only 6 wins and 5 losses record, although Gordon Martin St. Louis Jersey, Anderson and others to join, enhanced the rocket's offensive firepower, but the defensive strength is insufficient, the performance of the rocket is not satisfactory. If you simply to Curley today's shooting data to his score, Curry's score certainly failed. However, Curry's presence today is still as high as +32, in other words, when the presence of the Warriors won 32 points, how is the Curry? First of all, his defense, the Treasury is not a strong defense Lee Stempniak Jersey, but he played a free role in the system, continue to steal the weak side, led to play the conversion easily attack points. The other is the strong holdings of the library, even if the library feel bad, the pioneers did not dare to relax on his defense, the library does not take the ball can also take away the opponent's defensive attention, the warriors have a lot of vacant shooting opportunities, From these angles, although Curry feel poor, but still win the warriors played a key role.



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