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premmathan Mar 8

In some cases people will begin with ideal alignment and gradually loose alignment as the Computer & Laptop Service Centers in chennai  exercises progresses and fatigue sets in. In other cases they will start out right away with poor alignment. Regardless of when the fault happens, this is a muscle imbalance that needs to be corrected! The imbalance I'm referring to is that the mover muscles (chest, shoulders, triceps, etc;) involved in pushing the body away from the floor are stronger and posses more endurance than the spinal stabilizer muscles that are responsible for maintaining ideal alignment. In other words, you're unable to control the movement and force that you can create. This can put you on the fast track to injury. It's for this reason that I usually do a max rep test on the push up during my performance assessments. This allows me to see if their stabilizers give out before their prime movers. The solution to this alignment problem lies with a very high tech piece of gym equipment. A dowel rod. There is the 3 step progression we use to correct faulty spinal alignment issues using the dowel rod.

The quadruped position shortens the lever arm (bent legs) and takes most of the load off the system while still keeping the torso and arms in a very similar position to the push up. The dowel is placed along the spine and is kept in contact with 3 points; back of the head (not the top), Thoracic region (between shoulder blades) and Sacrum (tail bone). This forces you to understand and become aware of proper alignment.



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