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Adhesive Ink were replaced with a new window

How are you bonding it now? If you are looking for an improvement to a PUR Glue you are currently using bring along the company name and the full product name and be prepared to discuss what you like and dislike about the product.

How many will you be manufacturing? Yes, adhesive companies like most other "for profit" business do want to know how large of a potential customer you are but that isn't the only reason for asking and shouldn't affect the degree of service you receive.

With your answer to this question they are answering many unspoken questions such as: Will this be automated or manual dispensing?, Automated or manual assembly?, Is a 30 second set time unreasonable?, Is a 24 hour cure time unreasonable?

For example, a cyanoacrylate (instant adhesive) and a UV curable adhesive may both meet your adhesive needs, but likely, one of them will be a more efficient process than the other dependent on how many pieces you will be bonding.

Now as time went on the old construction Adhesive Ink were replaced with a new window sealant made by a company called TOPS. This stuff was the hottest and best product of the decade to me. I used this stuff for everything.



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