Learn how to make a Live on Efiree.com's Facebook page

Facebook Live is a feature that is being increasingly exploited by the more traditional media that have already adopted this strategy for the live transmission of the news. As Lives were one of the great news in 2015. With them several famous people could make live broadcasts for their fans. This format has several advantages. First of all, it is a way of being closer to our followers, because through the live broadcast you accompany all the comments in real time and can answer them at that moment, creating a much greater intimacy with our followers.


See the step-by-step how to do Live and some tips on how to align your live broadcast with your digital marketing strategy.


Step 1: Access the Efiree.com Facebook page

No matter which device you use, go to our Facebook page and find the "Start a live video" button on the computer in the status sharing area. From the mobile phone, click "Publish" and then the "Cast live" option.


Step 2: Make adjustments to your transmission


After the first step, you will be directed to a "test" area where you can adjust your transmission before entering the air. You can configure the title of your broadcast, check the sound and image quality, among others. When finalizing the adjustments, just click on the button "Transmit live" and ready "Your Live started.

Step 3: End Live


When you finish the subject and are satisfied with the interaction, say goodbye to the audience and click "End Broadcast." By doing this, the video will be terminated and you will receive an alert indicating the transmission time and other statistical data.

Reminder: The video will be available in our timeline and gallery even after the broadcast is closed, so people can review it in replay.




Give some time between transmissions: Wait about two hours between one transmission and the next. Doing this earlier may cause your broadcasts to steal from each other.


Stand up several times: Unlike what happens with recorded videos, which people watch from the start, on live broadcasts chances are good that very few people are watching at the beginning. That's why we recommend that you resubmit it again and again during the video, such as the first minute, the tenth minute, and even the end of the video, on an interval basis.


Make a video visually engaging: It's a good idea to engage with visual elements. Things like keeping moving can be a great help.


Be spontaneous: While recorded videos may be more stable and more scripted, the same does not happen in live broadcasts. So try to be as spontaneous as possible, doing things like interacting with your viewers and executing untested ideas if they appear while you're recording.


Interact with your viewers by their name: A simple tip, but that goes a long way. Instead of just saying "your fan said X thing and Y made a comment", use their names so they recognize themselves at once. This does not only leave the cited fans more lively and continuing to watch you, but also encourages the more timid to interact. And the more interaction and viewing time, the better your placement in the news feed.


Do not be ashamed to ask for likes, shares and inscriptions: This is self explanatory. Just like in the recorded videos, do not be shy and ask your users for the likes, comments, shares and subscribe to our page. In this way, they will receive notifications of their next broadcasts, allowing the loyalty of the public.


Make broadcasts of at least 10 minutes: The longer the viewing time, the more likely fans will find your video in the feed. So do not be shy about streaming your videos for a long time and use those 10 minutes as a minimum. Too short drives reduce your chances of having more views and therefore engagement.


You can use the broadcasts to record event appearances, show off a bit of your routine, making you closer to our audience and your fans. All of these measures enable more engagement from fans of our site, allowing them to ask questions, comment on and give feedback on you.


Note: Resource available only to our employees. Interested parties please contact us.



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