Published On: Tue, Jan 3rd, 2017

Trials for the Rio Carnival starts in January

The model plus size Lidiane Machado began Tuesday (03) with an eye on the Carnival, publishing in her Instagram profile a photo costumed.

Taking advantage of the climate check out below tips for costumes and the dates of the beginning of the rehearsals of the samba schools of Rio de Janeiro:

Fantasy Tips

If you’re a fan of superheroes, check out specialist stores and you’ll find plenty of stuff. The same goes for chubby costumes, especially if you are a fan of a certain character. And since clothing is already a great differential, do not be afraid to dare on the look. Most of the time you wear a costume only once, especially if the party repeats itself in a second or third edition. It pays to perform on a character for at least one night, does not it?

What I can suggest is a basic guide on how to buy costumes for chubby and make cute at party. The first point is not to opt for too-armed skirts, especially if you have tulle. If you are round on the thighs and hip, you will get even more. Stay with the models valuing the curves not to lose the style in the party.

Too long or too tight necklines do not look cool with XG modeling. The ideal is a heart neckline or it will fall, but not too much, let alone starting too late. The more composite the better the part for your look does not get vulgar. Fancy yes, but draw attention for the right reasons. And if you do not know how to wear high heels, remember: you are going to a party. Especially if it’s a carnival party. Then choose a sneaker. One tip is to pay a visit to a costume shop and get party shoes, practical and very cheap.

Costume Ideas for Chubby

Thinking about the sensual look, why not incite the feminine imagination? A good tip is the sexy nurse fantasy. You only need a white dress (tube is great for plus size fashion!) And a stethoscope and a nurse hat or robe. The robe you can ask a friend or buy in your city near universities and nursing courses for well priced if not good material. Because this is a joke, go to a toy store and buy a medical kit and get your stethoscope.

How about a Miss Plus Size for a day? Put on a beautiful party dress and create with paper or cardboard a beautiful banner with the message of winner, queen or princess of your beauty parade. You can even wear a crown as every Miss Universe or Miss Beauty your country uses to incite all the glamor of conquest.

The basic and easy to find are pirate costume, gypsy (simpler still to compose the look), athlete, runner with the right to carry water bottle and everything, princess with beautiful party dresses to remember the good times of Cinderella. If you want to get into fashion, stick with the Zombie fantasy, one of the most used thanks to the success of the Walking Dead series and the films of the genre as World War Z. Thinking about superheroes, what about Wonder Woman or Catwoman? They are also easy to find costumes of all sizes.

Essays from the Rio Samba Schools

The technical rehearsals of the samba schools of the Special Group and the Group of Access Series A, with entry to the public, will begin next day (15), at Avenida Marquês de Sapucaí, downtown Rio.

According to the Independent League of Rio Samba Schools (Liesa), the first rehearsals will be from Império Serrano, at 19h; Paradise of the Tuiuti, at 20h; And União da Ilha, 9.30 pm.

The following Sunday (22), will be the turn of the schools Estácio de Sá, São Clemente and Independent Youth of Padre Miguel, followed, on Saturday, 28 Academicians of the Sossego, Academics of Rocinha and Academics of Santa Cruz; And on Sunday 29, Empire of Tijuca, Beija-Flor of Nilopolis and Great River.

In February, the last technical rehearsals will be promoted before Carnival. On Saturday (04), will be on the Samba Pass the Union of the Curicica Park, Joy of the South Zone and Cubango Academics. On the 5th, United of Porto da Pedra, Unidos de Vila Isabel and Salgueiro.

On Saturday (11), there are Innocents of Belford Roxo, Renascer de Jacarepaguá and Unidos do Viradouro. On the 12th, only two schools will be present at the venue: Portela, at 8:30 p.m., and Unidos da Tijuca at 10:00 p.m. The same will happen on Saturday (18), with United of Padre Miguel and Empress Leopoldinense.

On Sunday (19), at 7:30 p.m., the light and sound test will be done in Marquês de Sapucaí, followed at 20:30 by the traditional rink washing ceremony. At the end of the cycle, the Estação Primeiro de Mangueira school, champion of the 2016 carnival special group, will conduct a technical rehearsal at the venue at 10:00 p.m. According to Liesa, programming may change.