Carnival Diva Egili Oliveira

Samba dancer lovers wait sometimes one full year to see what are the new samba moves and samba steps. This is the case with Egili de Oliveira, one of the most respected and admired samba divas in Brazil.

On this 2017 samba dance video, we can see Egili Oliveira showing her samba dance routine at Rio´s Sambadrome with Renascer do Jacarepaguá Samba School, where as you will see, she made the crowd crazy. Egili has been in several countries for Samba tutorials, and was crowned as the Queen of Carnival in Sweden. In RIo, she started with Salgueiro, where she stayed for a some period of years. Later she was invited to parade as Diva for São Clemente and this year for Renascer do Jacarepaguá. Congratulations Egili!

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