Rihanna - I Just (feat. Sal Houdini)

Music video by Sal Houdini & Rihanna performing I Just. © 2017 Houdini Sound.
I just, want you to love me
And give to me what is your
I just Need ur acknowledgment
And want you to be my girl
I just have a couple things about our love
And im a bad burst anytime
I just sitting here writng on my thought
And i should be first in ur life
Rihanna: "i just think that i just have so much on my plate that i can't even find the time to entertain a steady relationship or anything serious or even a text."
I just wanna be beside u
And be like your bestfriend girl
I just wanna be the right one
And give you the golden rings
I just feel a way for your soul/songs
And i just wanna get into ur mind
I just wanna be a big part of your life
And I'm just saying that u should be mine, you should be mine
I'll be everything that u dreamed of any day
I will shape myself into whatever u like
I just wanna be everything that u like that u want in a guy
I just Wanna be ur closest
And Fuck everybody else
I just thinki
And wanna keep u all to myself
I just don't wanna be selfish
And i cant seem to help it
I just think that i just felt it
And i think that i want it
I just Love u
And Want u x4
Why u give the time to these people why u let em break u
ur just doing it to urself
I don't wanna force things if u leave with me then everything will happen with time
I know things are hard now
Your fight is never heard but everything will be just fine
You say that you are used to it
-(don't know)
Run away with me babe I'll give u the world and all u gotta do is be mine
And all u really need is some time
I'm willing to give u that time
i don't mind sleeping on the floor again for you
But i really mind if u cry
So let me go ahead and see u smile
I would love it if u speak it out loud
Sit here for a moment
I know things are hectic but I'll be right here by your side

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