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From the founder of Efiree.com, Rodrigo dos Santos Andrade.

There is nothing wrong with commerce and advertising. However, only these means do not allow us to have a solid basis for the development of new services and quality content.

Efiree.com is special. Social media of this your foundation remains free and free. Enabling interactivity, sharing content like: pictures, videos and information with other people. Leading many to improve self-esteem and realize their dreams.

When I founded Efiree.com, I could have turned it into a company that is just looking for profit with commercial ads and billing for every service, but I decided to do something different. Humanize. We have worked over the years to keep it free and free. We fulfill our mission without wasting resources.

If everyone who read this text donated $10.00 we would need to raise funds only one day a year. However, not everyone can or will donate. Which is not a problem.

This year, please consider making a donation of $10.00 $50.00 $100.00 or as much as you can to develop new projects, protect and maintain Efiree.com

Thank you very much,

Rodrigo dos Santos Andrade
Founder of Efiree.com

The destination of your donation

Technology: Server, bandwidth, maintenance, development.

New goal: development of Efiree TV

Efiree TV will be a platform for displaying live audiovisual content or recording on demand initially via the World Wide Web through our social media and partners. Allowing the transmitted content to be assisted by a large number of people, through different devices: computers, tablets, mobile phones, video game consoles and connected TVs.

With the popularization of YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter and others, performing a live broadcast, is not a very complicated thing, but what is easy, is also limited, and tools like these, without any suitable structure can only meet the small WebTVs.

Companies that wanted to provide content of value and quality, need a lot of functionality, integrations, additional services that the use of simple tools does not offer and mainly quality and stability. We want to get this hook with a good structure and professional team.

Performing the function as producer and television broadcaster. Producing journalistic and entertainment material on the commercial and cultural initiatives of Brazil and the world. To reach this goal we need the acquisition of equipment such as Panasonic AVCCAM HD AG-AC8PB Camera (currently the cheapest product on the market), see its specifications below:

Camera AVCCAM HD AG-AC8PB Panasonic

Qunatity: 1 unity
Amount: $ 2.300,00
*Note: If the contributions received exceed the amount of the budget above, the difference will be invested or in the acquisition of more unit of the product in question or accessories.

  • External stereo microphone included
  • LCD touchscreen display of 3"
  • Dynamic Range Stretch (DRS) provides a wider dynamic range when shooting scenes with a large amount of contrast
  • Illuminated LED ring for verification that recording is in progress
  • Eye-Fi compatible card for sharing files over a wireless network.

See more information on equipment...


We want you to feel proud to be collaborating with us and connected with our projects. Check below the ranges of contribution values and rewards:

$3,00 - $59,99

Thanks in our social networks. A public acknowledgment of your participation.

$60,00 - $119,99

Thank you in our social networks + your profile in highlight mode on our relationship site.

$120,00 - $179,99

Thank you in our social networks + your profile, photos and videos already published prominently on our relationship site.

Above $180,00

Thank you in our social networks + your profile, photos and videos already published prominently in our site of relationship + participation of some of our productions be it journalistic or entertainment.

When making a donation, you agree to share your personal information with Efiree.com and its service providers. Efiree.com is located in Brazil whose privacy legislation may not be equivalent to that of your own country. We do not sell or market your information to anyone.

For recurring benefactors, the monthly fixed payments will be debited through Paypal until the moment you cancel PayPal. If you have any questions, please contact us at sac@efiree.com



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