Published On:Tue, Feb 13th, 2018

Camilla and Ludmilla on Brazilian Day in Italian

The Brazilian Day event is known as one of the largest in Brazil overseas, especially in the United States, more precisely in New York. In 2009 it expanded and also gained a place in Canada (Montreal, Toronto), Japan (Tokyo), United Kingdom (London), Angola (Luanda) and gained space in other countries.

Brazilian Day was held for the first time in 1984, organized by the founder João de Matos of the Brazilian American Cultural Center (BACC Travel), at 46th Street (New York), over the years the event grew and moved to 6th Avenue , between 42nd and 46th street, making it one of the most important and famous events outside Brazil. In which the largest Brazilian television station, Rede Globo became the official press vehicle of the event, being responsible for the expansion of Brazilian Day in New York in the last years, the first Brazilian day in history. And what was just a party in a small space, today this same area is known as the “Litle Brazil” and internationally recognized.

The event concentrates thousands of Brazilians outside the country encouraging and inviting the public to dance and interact appreciating the Brazilian culture and energy, celebrate the 7th of September the Independence of Brazil around the world.

In the case of interaction, charisma and talent, the sisters Camilla and Ludmilla, the girls from the interior of the state of São Paulo, residing in the city of Hortolândia, metropolitan region of Campinas, could not be left out. the performance of the country duo has caught the attention of the organizer and president of Brazilian Day in Italian, Maria Tei.

In addition to being great singers and composers, the duo wrote a book titled “Behind the Microphone”, a work that deals with “Mulher no Sertanejo” in Brazil. In the book they tell everything that the public wants to know, but it is not allowed to witness. They still clarify several facts that occur with great singers, written informally and relaxed, expressing their opinions. The publication is scheduled for this year.

For the first time she has performed outside Brazil, the sisters say they are anxious.

Source: People Connected